Our Goals

Since it was established in 1909, Mount Sinai has always been synonymous with excellence. Today, the hospital is a state-of-the-art institution, specializing in short-term respiratory care, palliative care and long-term care, accredited by Accreditation Canada with the designation “Exemplary Standing.”

In order to maintain these high standards, the Auxiliary’s mission is to enhance the quality of care of the patients and residents. Monies raised through membership fees and various fund raising activities has enabled the Auxiliary to purchase much needed equipment and support certain Hospital programs. Currently the Auxiliary is funding the Art Therapy and Music Therapy programs. These activities enable the patients and residents to express themselves through the use of images and music, and stimulate their memories, all under the supervision of Accredited Therapists.

A new music therapy group is now offered in pulmonary rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Hospital. The goal of the pilot project, led by Mount Sinai Hospital Music Therapist,  Pierrette La Roche, MTA is to explore the impact of singing on mood.    Following a brief teaching on the physiology of singing, patients are invited to engage in breathing and vocal warm-up exercises before learning/singing songs meant to allow for expression of a variety of emotional states as well as addressing issues of loss/grieving. Patients are invited to share on the role/significance of singing/music in their lives.  Comments include the sessions as being an up-lifting experience. Many thanks to the Auxiliary for their funding support of the music therapy program.